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PNW Property & Innovations 

Trends Conference 


We're excited to welcome back our wonderful sponsors, vendor partners, and expert speakers for the largest gathering of housing industry stakeholders on the West Coast. 

Mark your calendars to join us!


Wednesday, December 11th,  2024

Conference & Trade Show 

Seattle Convention Center

Summit Building

Sponsor & Exhibitor Registration




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Speaker Application Form

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What is Trends?

60+ Speakers

PNW Property Innovation & Trends Conference is the largest one-day rental housing ownership and management conference and trade show on the West Coast. The conference serves the Pacific Northwest and is a national award-winning event. We have many opportunities for industry professionals to get involved!

200+ Exhibitors

1,500+ Attendees

Who Should Attend?

Trends is a diverse conference and offers a variety of benefits for everyone within the rental housing industry, whether that's finding new business, networking with new partners, building your contact list or learning best practices and how you should prepare for the future of our industry.

Large and Small Property Owners and Their Representatives

- Property Managers

- On-site Leasing and Management Personnel

- Apartment Maintenance Personnel

- Government Housing Authorities

- Condo Association Managers

- Developers and Builders

- Investors and Portfolio Managers


Event registration includes access to education workshops taught by the best local, regional and national presenters.  

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