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Closing Keynote Session

8:15 AM - 9:00 AM

Best Practices for Organizing and Managing Parking in a Multifamily Community  

Marques Oliver, Parking Boss

Jennifer Staplin, Parking Boss 

Brett Waller, Director of Government Affairs, WMFHA

Room 607

Multifamily parking can be a frustrating and time-consuming problem. During this session, you will learn solutions for management and enforcement to help turn your community parking into a fair amenity for residents. Topics will include best practices, technology, communication and enforcement, and more.

Should I Hold or Should I Sell Now?

Jerrid Anderson, Vice President, Colliers International

Cory Brewer, General Manager, Windermere Property Management / LGA

Austin Bowlin, Director, Real Estate Transition Solutions

Room 608

A detailed conversation will be had about what to do for prepping a property for sale vs. what to do for long term hold, and also conversation about what is available as a replacement investment if you do sell.

Search Engine Marketing

Wendy Carmikle, Marketing Associate, Greystar

Room 609

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you’ve heard of it but what does it all mean? Websites on the first page of Google receive 71% of all website traffic. Wouldn’t you like to have control over where your community shows up in search results? And why are those shoes that you looked at stalking you all over the internet?! Wendy will share a high-level overview of what SEM is, why it matters, and what it means for the property management industry. She will also share some emerging trends in digital marketing and how everyone from the leasing consultant to ownership can help to drive strategy.

Landlord Law #1 

Must Attend All 3 Sessions to Receive Clock Hours

Christopher Benis, Attorney and Rental Property Owner, Harrison - Benis, LLP / CTB Properties

Room 611-612

Description to be included.

Real Estate Investment Market, Trends and Values 

Travis Andrews, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Paragon

Bob McGrouther, Income Property Loan Officer, Luther Burbank

Room 613-614

Bob and Travis will discuss the apartment investment market through 2018 and what 2019 has on the horizon for owners.


9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Playground Liability: The Value, Risk and Return

MaryLou Iverson, Risk Consultant for Play Areas, The Iverson Associates

Courtney Brown, Certified Playground Safety Professional, The Iverson Associates

Room 602-603

The panel will discuss the value of a playground to your property. The risks - if not maintaining or inspecting. Criteria for maintaining and inspecting. Should an accident occur, what you need to know.

Amazon Packages and Security for Delivery

Chris Moreno, VP of National Partnerships, Luxer one

Room 604

Want to know where Package delivery is going? This session will be an interactive session covering trends, new technology, package acceptance best practices and policies.

Enforcement of Tenant Duties

Eric Steven, Attorney, Steven Law Office

Room 606

This presentation will provide an overview of lease tools and statutes available to assist in enforcement of tenant duties. The presentation will discuss tenant duty enforcement strategies that have proven successful in court. Attendees will develop a better sense of how to remove noncompliant tenants.

Learn Top Strategies for Making Money and Saving Money

Larry Oxenham, Senior Advisor, American Society for Asset Protection

Room 607

Learn the strategies and tools the nation's top firms use to save their clients millions of dollars each year. From this session you will learn:

  • What exit strategy is right for you: transfer to family members, complete sale, partial sale, IPO or management buyout?

  • Succession strategies that protect your legacy, maximize your freedom and increase your net worth.

  • Legal tools that allow you to transfer the majority of ownership and still maintain 100% control.

  • How your business succession strategies and estate plan work together.

  • Steps to maximize the sale price of your business.

  • Systems to ensure the continued success of your business through the next generation of owners and managers.

  • How to properly structure your business to minimize taxes on sale or transfer. If not planned for capital gains, estate and gift tax consequences can cripple the ongoing success of a business.

  • Common mistakes and missteps to avoid when selling or creating a succession plan.​

Property Funding Strategies for the Individual Investor

Joseph DiDomenico, CEO, Wealth Flex

Room 608

Tax advantaged accounts can be a valuable tool in acquiring real estate. Joe will discuss why people are using IRAs and 401(k) for real estate. There are fantastic benefits to holding real estate in tax advantaged accounts, but also some constraints that you need to know about. We will be discussing the rules and regulations around “self-directed” retirement accounts and what your investment options are. You will leave this session knowing if you should be utilizing your retirement plan to acquire rental properties in your IRA or 401(k), what to watch out for if you do, and how to go about getting it done. The session will include:

  • Understanding self-directed IRAs.

  • Basics & benefits, iRA plan types.

  • Investment options.

  • Rules, regulations and prohibited transactions.

  • Borrowing and different ways you can partner an IRA.

  • Logistics.

Source of Income Law Explained

Rob Trickler, Attorney, All County Evictions LLC

Room 609

Description to be included.

Landlord Law #2

Must Attend All 3 Sessions to Receive Clock Hours

Christopher Benis, Attorney and Rental Property Owner, Harrison - Benis, LLP / CTB Properties

Room 611-612

Description to be included.

How To Efficiently Find and Hire Employees

Rachel Grimes, Property Manager, Holland Residential

Marcie Barlett, Regional Portfolio Manager, SUHRCO Residential

Room 613-614

In a very competitive market it's hard to find quality, hard working employees. Come to find out some good tips and tricks on how to efficiently find and hire employees.


11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Top 10 Screening Tips

Marcia Gohman, CEO, National Tenant Network

Room 602-603

Top 10 Screening Tips This is a fun and informative class for any landlord from beginner to experienced level to attend. Marcia shares Landlording stories to emphasize her points, and will help you make sure that your next applicant is one of the good ones. If you have fallen for a sob story, or had to evict a tenant, you will want to attend this class.

Water Intrusion

Nathan Kazlauskas, ATI Restoration

Room 604

Description to be included.

Conflict Resolution & Negotiating with Difficult Tenants

Sue McCarthy, Housing Conflict Resolution Specialist, Dispute Resolution Center - Volunteers of America, Western Washington

Room 606

Do you work with tenants who don't seem to want to cooperate? In this session, you will learn new ways to communicate for more satisfying results.

Collecting Past Tenant Damages

Christopher Cutting, Attorney, LT Services

Room 607 

Collecting Past Tenant Damages discussing how you can use the information you already have to turn eviction and small claims judgments into an additional revenue stream. Landlords already obtain a wide variety of information that makes collecting on judgments faster, cheaper, and more likely to succeed. Once you have that information, we will cover different options for collections, their pros and cons, and what to expect from the process and from your collection agent or attorney. This session also covers relevant portions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You will learn how to evaluate what debts to send for collection, what information to include, and what to expect from the process.

How to Work With a Property Management Company

Julie Johnson, Managing Broker, Smart Choice Realty

Room 608

Learn what to expect when you turn your rental property over to a property management company. This session will review information about how to effectively work with your property management company as well as help you understand different aspects of the management contract. We will review the laws about who can legally manage your property. Not all property management companies are the same and understanding the differences will help you choose the correct property management company to work with to protect your investment.

Apartment Complex Security

Joshua Stivers, CEO/President, Homeland Patrol Division

Room 609

Joshua and this session will be introduced by DJ Carr. Below is a list of topics that will be discussed during this session:

  • Situational Awareness - Understand your surroundings at all times

  • General Security Tips - Personal and professional surroundings

  • How to “not” be a victim - Preventing the headache of being violated

  • How to prevent vehicle prowls - How to not get your windows broken or vehicle damaged

  • How to prevent identity theft - Documents that are located in your vehicle.

  • How to get out of a police ticket - How to not get a ticket when getting pulled over by police

  • “Broken Window” Theory - How your place of residence/business can define a community

  • Other things discussed -  Homeland Patrol Division’s proprietary FaceScope  mobile facial recognition capabilities and software, SecureX, real time communications platform, and our state-of-the art ARPx (Autonomous Robotic Patrol) system (only one of its kind in WA state)

Landlord Law #3

Must Attend All 3 Sessions to Receive Clock Hours

Christopher Benis, Attorney and Rental Property Owner, Harrison - Benis, LLP / CTB Properties

Room 611-612

Description to be included.

Buying Property Outside Your Comfort Zone

Tamara Simon, Designated Broker, Tamara Simon Group

Room 613-614

Looking for a better return on your real estate investment or just finding a market you can afford sometimes means you have to cross state lines and invest out of your comfort zone. Discover the top 7 things you need to know to research any real estate market in the United States. We share our own experience as an out of state investor and what steps lead to success instead of financial heartbreak. You can live where you want to live, invest where it makes financial sense.


1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

What's New With Section 8?

William Shadbolt, Manager, Broad Reach Management Inc.

Pam Taylor, Associate Director of Housing Choice Vouchers King County Housing Authority

Michael Anderson, Owner Liaison, King County Housing Authority 

Chris Klaeysen, Seattle Housing Authority 

Rich Price, Program Manager - Rental Assistance, Tacoma Housing Authority

Room 602-603

This session will be an interactive discussion with the Seattle, Tacoma, and King County Housing Authority, highlighting the latest Housing Choice Voucher program updates. Such topics as the Source of Income Discrimination Law (SOID) and how the Housing Authorities are fostering strong partnerships through new legislation and Owner Liaison positions. In addition we will explore the advantages from the landlord perspective of working in collaboration with Housing Authorities provided by William Shadbolt.

Apartment Turns: Renovations and Reducing Turn Times

Cory Brewer, General Manager, Windermere Property Management / LGA

Room 604

This session will cover the most common elements of a turnover such as inspection, maintenance, cleaning, repair, and renovation. We will also be discussing average costs & turn times for these work orders as well as the current supply/demand climate.

How Rental Housing Owners and Managers Can Grow Market Share: with a Counterintuitive Sustainable Branding & Messaging Strategy

Carolyn Parrs, CEO, Mind Over Markets

Room 602-603

With real-world case studies at its core, this session is designed for business leaders from companies that are either actively integrating sustainability communications and messaging into their business strategy already — or just getting started. Attendees will walk away with a mix of both new insights and proven strategies they can take back to their teams for immediate implementation. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to skillfully integrate sustainability messaging into your rental housing brand communications in a way that directly drive sales and gives you a distinctive advantage in your product category

  • The counterintuitive sustainability communications strategy that has helped companies increase their sales by as much as 425%

  • What to drip into your marketing strategy that deepens the brand loyalty of existing customers while also attracting new ones

  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most marketers make when communicating their product or services’ sustainability initiatives or benefits.

Rapid ReHousing; How You Can Include a Non-Profit Partner in Your Business Plan

Janne Hutchins, Executive Director, LASA

Brandie Baldwin, Housing Retention Specialist, LASA

Alexis Eykel, Program Manager LLP, Landlord Liaison Program

Room 607

In this session, you will learn about how a landlord can work with RRH to place a family while working with a local nonprofit that will provide a subsidy. RRH helps families secure fair market-rate housing by covering first and last month’s rent, deposit, and a shallow subsidy. It also provides light case management to work with each family to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency, including following rental agreements and being a good tenant.

Confessions of a Millennial Mind - as Taught by a Millennial

Jesse Miller, Director of Real Estate, Greystar

Room 608

It isn’t all about gym, tan, laundry, and the Jersey Shore! Every year, the millennial cohort moves further and further into our limelight – and with good reason. By 2025, this young group will comprise of more than 75 percent of our workforce! Are you prepared to effectively lead, develop, and work alongside this restless and ambitious group? Do you feel that you have the proper succession plan in place?Come prepared to fill your mind with extremely important strategies to help you better understand Millennials, identify what motivates them, and learn how to develop them into your next great leaders.

After the Writ:  What Happens Now?

Evan L. Loeffler, Attorney, Loeffler Law Group PLLC

Room 609

After the landlord wins an eviction case, the matter isn’t over. What if the tenant appeals the writ or files bankruptcy? How do property managers and landlords obtain a judgment and collect? From physical evictions to dealing with the Sheriff’s office to judgment collections, there are many potential post-eviction issues that face today's landlords and property managers. In this session, Attorney Evan Loeffler will walk through what happens after a landlord wins at an eviction hearing. This includes scheduling physical evictions, working with the sheriff, tenant abandonment, appeals, tenant bankruptcy, and collecting judgments. Save time, money and aggravation by avoiding post-eviction legal issues. This is a great refresher for the seasoned professional and a solid foundation for new landlords, property managers and owners.

What to Expect With the New RRIO Inspection

Bryan Mize, Optimized Inspections

Room 611-612

The program has been updated and there are changes you should be aware of...Attend this interactive session and bring your questions to share with the room. Discussion will include the benefits of periodic asset health assessments in addition to just the RRIO updates.

Fair Chance Housing

Mike Chin, City of Seattle

Room 613-614

In August, 2017, the City of Seattle passed Fair Chance Housing ordinance to help prevent unfair bias in housing against renters with a past criminal record. The law went into effect on February 19, 2018. The new ordinance prevents landlords from unfairly denying applicants housing based on criminal history. It also prohibits the use of advertising language that automatically or categorically excludes people with arrest records, conviction records, or criminal history. The legislation caps a decade-long effort to address bias against people who have served their time, are seeking to provide for themselves and their families, and yet have faced barriers to accessing safe, stable housing.This workshop will provide an overview of the law, the legal requirements, and discussion on best practices to comply with the law.


3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

The New Landlord Mitigation Program

Nick Yuva, Landlord Mitigation Administrator, State of Washington Dept. of Commerce

Room 606

Learn how landlords can be reimbursed for damages caused by subsidized tenants. This program will reimburse landlords in two ways with up to $5000. This session will discuss the requirements and qualifications required to become eligible.

Managing A Team: How Maintenance and Office Can Work Together

Rachel Grimes, Holland Residential

Room 604

We know it can be a bit tricky sometimes when it comes to office and maintenance working together efficiently and effectively. Communication is key and so are a couple other important components. Come and join me as we learn together on how to create a happy, cohesive, top notch team!

A Neutral Perspective on Service Animals

James Rankin, Fair Housing Counselor and Trainer, Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center

Room 606

This presentation will look into the types of service animals, the types of services that they provide, and the areas they get access to. We will also look at the process for requesting reasonable accommodation as well as the verification process. And we will define scenarios where multiple service animals might be appropriate.

Pot Law: What You Need To Know

Erik Halverson, Attorney, Halverson Law

Room 607

Erik Halverson will be discussing the key tops that affect real estate owners who either have, or are considering, a cannabis related tenant.
With all the complex regulations and varied personalities, it can be difficult to know which requirements are real and which are not. Erik will be addressing basic regulatory requirements for leases, methods to secure payment, recourse for undesirable or failing tenants, and common issues found throughout the industry.
Erik will also welcome inquiries to his email at erik at, and will provide responses to inquiries on the Halverson Law Blog at , where regular content about new topics like CBD are regularly posted.
Erik is looking forward to meeting you and becoming a resource for your business!

Gen Z is Moving In - And They Have Something to Say

Derek Lunde, Partner, Red Propeller

Michelle Sherman, Marketing Director, Red Propeller

Room 608

Gen Z is coming and we need to be ready for them. In this session, we'll be covering the mindset of Gen Z, how they live, where they live, and how this will affect real estate. We'll focus on strategies to attract them, and what they are looking for as they enter the renter market. We’ll highlight marketing strategies that ensure we’re building, providing, and programming living environments that resonate with this emerging group

Rental Market Update

Lloyd Ball, President, Anomaly Commercial 

Davis Hsu, Veristone Capital

Tyler Benthin, Builders Capital

Room 609

This session will focus on Apartment Development & Value-Add Trends for 2019. With further interest rates hikes on the horizon, investors are not paying the prices they would have in 2015-2017. It's hard to believe that core multifamily values are declining. That's in direct response to interest rate increases as well as a slow in rent growth. Financing a 3.8% cap rate in the core is tough as banks will only finance a buyer willing to put -/+ 55% down based on their underwriting guidelines (DCSR). Typically, conventional multifamily mortgages lenders go up to 80% loan to value. If buyers are forced to come in with 3x the minimum down, they'll just pass on the deal.
This is the reason why there is 3x the investment in apartments outside of the core. Where is the money headed? We will make the case and answer the question. Furthermore, we will make the case for the new development dilemma and answer the question: "Where is the money headed?"

Legislative Update

Moderator - Mark Gjurasic, Principal/Public Affairs Consultant, Public Affairs of Washington, LLC

Chester Baldwin, Attorney & WLA Lobbyist, Baldwin Legal Group

Rob Trickler, Attorney, All County Evictions LLC,

Kyle Woodring, Rental Housing Association 

Sean Flynn, Flynn and Associates, PLLC

Room 611-612

In this session, state issues for the 2019 sessions will be included.
1. Rent Control: The bill was introduced in the 2018 session in the House and the Senate and will be re-introduced in the 2019 session.
2. New State Capital Gains Tax (7%): This bill includes residential and commercial properties.
3. Split Roll Property Taxation: This would allow residential and commercial properties to be taxed at a higher rate than the home you live in.
4. Real-Estate Excise Tax (REET): The current 1.28% rate would be increased to 2.5% when the property is sold.
5. Sales Tax on Services: Sales tax would apply to real-estate commissions, property management fees, real-estate brokers, janitorial services and other services utilized by the real-estate industry.
6. B&O Tax Increase: The current tax on services is 1.5% and could be increased up to 2.5% on services as it has been in the past.

Short-term vs. Residential Rental: The Inside Story

Sharon Cunnington, Managing Director, Early Bird Investment Group, LLC 

William Shadbolt, Broad Reach Management Inc.

Room 611-612

Considering converting one of your rental properties to a short-term rental? Before you take the leap, get the scoop from experienced residential property owners who operate both residential and short-term rentals. They will discuss how to pick the ideal property, show how platforms like Airbnb and VRBO work, explain the differences in laws and share lessons learned in setting up operations.


Closing Keynote Session

What If? Bringing Humanity To Your Insanity

What if you could start 2019 having an exceptional team with exceptional attitudes toward the customer experience?

It’s possible!

Join Steve Wunch, a professional facilitator in Leadership, Sales and Customer Service as he unveils the process of recognizing the differences in each person’s “story” and how to give them the best customer service possible.

We’ll look at some key (probably already known) elements:

Who is Your Customer?

Your Attitude is Everything

Easy Concepts That Help You Humanize Policy & Procedures

Steve brings home some truths we probably all know - but may have forgotten - with humor and grace, and guarantees that if you pay attention - you’ll take something home that will transform you results AND your relationships!