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Maureen is a Certified Financial Planner practitioner and also holds the Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor designation. This designation provides Maureen the specialized knowledge needed to assist unmarried couples who have unique financial challenges and opportunities not experienced by couples who are legally married. Maureen primarily works with individuals, couples, and self-employed business owners. She has a remarkable talent for educating clients on complex financial issues in an easily understandable way. Maureen sees her role as that of financial Sherpa, offering trustworthy guidance to those unfamiliar with the mountains of financial information and choices. She carefully points out the risks they will encounter, while guiding them towards their goals, encouraging and motivating clients along their financial journey. Maureen so enjoys educating people on the intricacies of their financial situation, she regularly seeks out opportunities by engaging in pro bono activities. She has participated in the Seattle Times Hotline, taught financial literacy to teens via the Junior Achievement program, is a contributor to the Seattle Times makeover articles, and has volunteered during Financial Planning Week to answer the public’s financial questions. Maureen lives Bothell and enjoys gardening, camping, and motorcycling in the gorgeous Northwest and beyond.

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