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MICHAEL CHIN is the Civil Rights Enforcement Manager for the Seattle Office for Civil Rights responsible for the enforcement and compliance of local and federal anti-discrimination laws in employment, housing, public accommodations, and contracting. He oversees the enforcement of Seattle’s civil rights laws which include All-Gender Restroom Access, Ban on Conversion Therapy to Minors, and Fair Chance Housing Ordinances. Michael leads a team of civil rights investigators and oversees the civil rights testing program and outreach and public engagement. Michael was instrumental in the early development and implementation of Seattle’s labor standards ordinances until 2016. Prior to his role with SOCR, he worked as an investigator for the Washington State Human Rights Commission. Michael has presented trainings on the enforcement and compliance of non-discrimination and employment equity laws throughout Washington and Oregon. He is a certified mediator since 2006 and mediates for the Seattle Federal Executive Board, King County Dispute Resolution Program and serves on the City of Seattle Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Board. Michael is a member of the citywide Race and Social Justice Initiative Core Team and department Change Team which addresses racial equity in the community. Michael received his Juris Doctorate from Gonzaga University School of Law and Masters Business Administration from Gonzaga in 2006.