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9:00am - 9:30am

Economic Forecast | Ballroom 2-3
Elliott Krivenko, Costar

Elliott Krivenko returns to the TRENDS stage for a look ahead at the economic conditions and factors impacting the rental housing management industry in 2024. 

9:30am - 10:15am | Breakouts

Legislative Updates | Room 420-422
Rob Trickler, Eric Steven, Chester Baldwin, Sean Flynn, Jim Henderson

This annual panel session features some of Washington's leading legal minds and dives into legislative changes from the past year as well as new updates coming for 2024. 

Seattle RRIO Program and You | Room 423-424
Lisa Schwartzenberger, City of Seattle

Join Lisa Schwartzenberger, Senior RRIO/Housing Zoning Inspector, to learn about the City of Seattle’s Rental Registration Inspection Ordinance program. We will explain what the ordinance is, what is required of owners and property managers within the City of Seattle, and how you can be prepared for a RRIO inspection. This is a great opportunity to find out how the City Ordinance impacts you and your rental property and to speak with a City inspector regarding your RRIO questions.

Septic 101 | Room 443-444
Cameron Formanczyk, A Advanced Services

Come join A Advanced Septic and Construction Services to get a better understanding of how your septic system works and what you can do to increase the life span and efficiency of your system.

Employee Disengagement: Factors and Fixes | Room 445-446
Carla Alicea, SatisFacts

Embark on a transformative journey towards a highly engaged workplace! Join this insightful session meticulously crafted to cater to both leaders and individual contributors, unlocking the secrets to fostering a dynamic and motivated team. Gain invaluable strategies that empower teams to achieve peak productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Five Ways to Reach Peak Occupancy | Room 447-448
Andrew Cederlind, Conversion Logix

Learn how you can use digital marketing to improve occupancy at your properties and go beyond the ILSs.

10:45am - 11:30am | Breakouts

Collecting Past Tenant Damages Room 420-422
Kaitlyn Jackson, Williams Kastner

Exploring tips and best practices for dealing with damage left by previous tenants. 

Legal Changes for Notices Room 423-424
Rob Trickler, Trickler Law

Addressing legislative changes specifically for tenant notices and related landlord obligations. 

Beyond Repairs: The Impact of Maintenance on Resident Satisfaction
Room 443-444
Carla Alicea, SatisFacts

Join us for an engaging session designed specifically for apartment maintenance professionals like you. In this session, we will explore the critical role you play in the Resident Life Cycle and how your services directly impact residents' satisfaction and overall community success.

Current Staffing Challenges and Recommended Solutions Room 445-446
Sara Bennett, The PACE Staffing Network

Sara Bennett will explore the state of staffing and provide insights and tips for organizations in need of staffing solutions. 

Single-Family Rental Market Update | Room 447-448
Cory Brewer, Windermere Property Management / Lori Gill & Associates

Veteran TRENDS speaker Cory Brewer returns to provide an update on the Single-Family Rental Market in the Greater Seattle Area, discussing local trends, legal updates and more. 

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Filling the Gap: Maintaining the Human Touch Alongside AI | Ballroom 2-3
Lissi Daniels

During this session, leaders will gain a fundamental understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in integrating AI into customer experience. Participants will learn how to effectively navigate these challenges and develop innovative strategies to improve their performance.

12:30pm - 1:15pm | Breakouts

Landlord Law #1 Room 420-422
Christopher Cutting

Fair Housing - Landlord's Perspective | Room 423-424
Eric Steven

This presentation will provide practical advice to landlords on how to operate in a manner to avoid complaints of housing discrimination. You will learn the source of discrimination complaints and how to handle such complaints when they arise.

How to Choose the Right Sealcoat to Protect Your Parking Lots & Driveways
Room 443-444
Robert Archie, U.S. Seal International, Inc.

Authentic Leadership | Room 445-446
Arvin Mosley, The Leneker Group

What does it mean to be an authentic leader and why is it important? In this training we will explore authentic leadership and the role it plays in successful teams and in entire organizations. We will also explore what the research says from around the world that team members want in a leader. Each participant will leave with a personalized action plan to take the next step on their authentic leadership journey.

Top Ten Screening Tips | Room 447-448
Marcia Gohman, NTN – Northwest

This is a fun class where we talk about trends we're seeing in screening, and the pitfalls landlords should avoid, if possible. An example would be, "The applicant would like to pay a full year of rent in advance for your property, which is in a remote woodland, and they'd like you to skip the screening." We also talk about how the neighborhood snoop can be enlisted to keep an eye on your property.

1:45pm - 2:30pm | Breakouts

Landlord Law #2 Room 420-422
Christopher Cutting

Legislative Update - Ending Tenancy | Room 423-424
Eric Steven

This presentation will address the legislative changes impacting termination of residential tenancies. You learn how to create lawful notices to tenants. We will explore new case law impacting the landlord's burden of proof relative to different notices. 

Landlord Harmony in Housing: Fostering Collaborative Onsite and Maintenance Teamwork for Apartment Success | Room 443-444
Chiccorra Connor, Occupancy Heroes

Calling all apartment personnel! Maintenance is not just a job; it's a crucial element of a property's success. Join us in this interactive session designed for everyone on your team. Explore the dynamics of collaborative onsite and maintenance teamwork and discover how unity between office and maintenance team members can significantly impact the longevity of residents, staff, and the overall property. Understand the importance of consistent encouragement and support in creating a positive working environment. Delve into the distinct yet interconnected roles of both office and maintenance teams in elevating the resident experience. This open and engaging discussion aims to address the struggles faced and inspire solutions for building a stronger, more efficient, and collaborative team.

Succession Planning for Rental Owners | Room 445-446
Julie Martiniello, Partner Dimension Law Group, PLLC

Learn about effective strategies for passing your rental business on to your family and how to avoid estate conflicts for your loved ones. There are taxes, partnership matters, and family issues to be considered. Whether you own one rental property or one hundred, it is important to plan for how your legacy and rental business will be dealt with after you pass away.

Small Business Best Practices | Room 447-448
Sharon Cunnington

2:45pm - 3:30pm | Breakouts

Landlord Law 3 | Room 420-422
Christopher Cutting

Property Managers: 20 Tips to Avoid Legal Problems with Residents
Room 423-424
Evan Loeffler 

So, How is the Market for Apartment Sales? | Room 443-444
Candice Chevaillier, Lee & Associates and Robert Meunier, Bellevue Capitol Group

This session will give you an update on apartment sales and the factors that drive the investment market including the economy, rents, vacancies, and apartment development. We will review the data, discuss dynamics and discuss the short- and longer-term projections for the multifamily market in the Seattle area. We will also review the lending environment and how it impacts regional investment now and in the future.

Over a Cliff: Becoming a Leader Worth Following | Room 445-446
Ashley Morgan, HER POWER

Imagine someone from your team is sitting down to happy hour with friends. The inevitable “how’s work going?” question pops up. How do they respond? I hate my boss and I’m short timing it until I find something better or I love my boss and it’s challenging work sometimes, but I’m growing?

This session is designed to leave you feeling confident your leadership will get 5 star reviews. You’ll take away the following insights: The new expectations every employee has of leaders in the modern workplace - What 7 roles leaders are being asked to play that drive relationship, retention and revenue - How to bridge the gap and repair conflict with your team so that you can start strong in 2024.

The Importance of Maintenance Inspections | Room 447-448
Bryan D. Mize, Home Inspector

3:30pm - 4:00pm | Closing

Mastering the Art of Team and Property Optimization
in an Ever-Evolving Landscape

Chiccorra Connor, Occupancy Heroes

Embark on the culmination of our enlightening expedition, "Cultivating Success: Sowing the Seeds of Tomorrow," as we present a dynamic closing keynote that explores the mastery of team and property optimization within the constantly evolving realm of real estate. This final presentation, the crowning achievement of our transformative event, centers on the critical aspects of Managing, Maintaining, and Optimizing Your Teams and Properties.

Immerse yourself in an inspiring and insightful dialogue, where we sow the seeds of tomorrow and harvest the fruits of collaborative excellence. This session is poised to serve as the catalyst for your ongoing success in the dynamic world of real estate, offering invaluable insights that will propel you forward. Join us for an experience that promises to be the pinnacle of this transformative event.

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