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Sue McCarthy provides outreach to landlords, housing navigators and case managers, encouraging more housing providers to engage in conflict resolution rather than resort to eviction proceedings. As part of this work, Sue provides training in skills of conflict resolution and negotiations to tenants, leasing agents, property managers and nonprofit housing staff. To supplement this training, she worked with the Dispute Resolution Center to produce a series of training videos accessible via YouTube.
Sue helped develop customized trainings for senior housing communities and nonprofit social service agencies. As part of a commitment to Restorative Practices, she leads Restorative Circles for staff members and provides on-going support to a high school peer mediation program.
Collaborating with affordable housing providers, Sue facilitates mediations and telephone conciliations that lead to mutually-agreeable plans for repayment of past-due rent and/or move-out arrangements and referrals for future housing placement. These services are available to families and individuals with a variety of barriers to stable housing, including histories of eviction, poor credit and incarceration, as well as behavior or physical health challenges.
Sue also volunteers her time at the Crisis Line in King County, providing emotional support to callers struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and other mental health challenges. She is a member of the Children’s Wellness Coalition, which is committed to transforming Snohomish County into a trauma-informed community.
Sue is a certified mediator with Dispute Resolution Centers in Seattle and Everett. She has experience handling intake and facilitating mediations of family disputes, as well as small claims court cases. Sue graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in Communications. Her background also includes independent studies in Nonviolent Communication, Motivational Interviewing and Restorative Circles.

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